Specialist Removals


Stack moving works in conjunction with your carpet layers.

Don’t pack!

  • Let the professionals lift it up and move it across the room
  • Keep your collection intact
  • The proven system that works
  • Protective materials for floors

For almost 60 years, Gormans Removals have developed and manufactured specialised equipment to take the hassle out of moving library furniture.  A major advantage of our stack moving system is that you can leave 98% of the books on the shelves. Our systematic approach ensures the preservation of the individual library cataloguing system and minimising the risk of damage.

If you’re refurbishing, our team work in conjunction with your builders and carpet layers to ensure minimal disruption to your library services. This includes detailed planning by photographing and mapping to ensure all items are returned to the same place.

No item too big or too small

From safes, compactus units, ATM’s or even industrial machinery, there is almost no piece of commercial equipment we can’t move.

With the knowledge of almost 60 years industry experience, and our specially manufactured equipment, you can be sure your removal is in safe hands.

Cartons and packing materials

We have a full range of packing cartons and accessories available:

Archive Cartons (26 x 41 x 31cm) $4.40
Book Cartons (40 x 40 x 35cm) $4.40
Standard Cartons (60 x 40 x 40cm) $6.60
Porta-robe (112 x 60 x 48cm) $33.00
Paper 5kg $22.00
Picture Carton $6.60
Packing Tape (Roll) $6.60
Mattress Cover (Single / Queen Bed) $5.50
Mattress Cover (King Bed) $13.20

All prices shown are in AUD$ and include GST

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