8 Reasons to Move to Queensland Right Now

If you need a change of scenery or a fresh start, make sure you put Queensland at the top of your options. Few places in the world give you the same advantages that Queensland does. Have a look at the list below to learn more about the benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you move to this tropical northern state.

1. You Can Luxuriate in Long, Warm Summers and Mild Winters

Again, as before mentioned, Queensland has a tropical climate. You won’t have to worry about cold weather that keeps you indoors for months on end. Queensland receives its fair share of rainstorms, but you can count on enjoying sunshine in your backyard all year long.

2. You Live in a Fitness and Sports Culture

Queensland features kilometres and kilometres of beautiful parks, bike paths, foot paths and hiking areas. Residents can enjoy these natural gems all year, so the state has developed a vibrant fitness and sports culture. So, if you’ve ever needed motivation to become fit, move to Queensland.

3. You Live Closer to the Great Barrier Reef

When you live anywhere else in Australia, a visit to the Great Barrier Reef requires hours or days of travel. You might have to book a flight. However, when you live in Queensland, you can visit this reef more easily. Depending on the city you choose, you might not even have to book a hotel when you see this oceanic treasure.

4. You Have More Convenient Access to Several National Parks

Some of Queensland’s most popular national parks include Daintree, Lamington, D’Aguilar, Noosa and Whitsunday Islands. But this state contains far more beautiful vistas that you can explore. These vistas range from seascapes to rain forest trails. Queensland has so much to offer the aspiring adventurer that you’d have to move there to truly experience it all.

5. You Can Visit the Beaches and Hinterland as Often as You Want

If you don’t choose to live close to any national parks, you could still live near beautiful areas like the beaches or the Hinterland. The Hinterland comprises enough picturesque mountains and valleys to satisfy any hiking enthusiast.

6. You Benefit From a Stellar Musical Culture

Queensland is the birthplace of the Bee Gees, the Go-Betweens, Savage Garden and other world-renowned rock groups. The state continues to encourage a musical culture with both old and new bands performing and competing all over Queensland.

7. You Can Visit the GoMA for Every New Exhibition

The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art has a collection that rivals any gallery you’d see in Sydney or Canberra. In addition to the exhibitions, this gallery also hosts events and features a one-of-a-kind cinema that showcases works from influential filmmakers and archives film for preservation.

8. You Have Access to Lots of Fresh Produce

If sweeping vistas and a vibrant culture didn’t convince you to move to Queensland, the easy access to fresh produce might. If you want to have a healthier diet, or if you simply want to make food that tastes amazing, this state’s emphasis on fresh produce gives you an easy way to accomplish that goal.

Of course, you can’t just pack up and travel to Queensland without help. You need to make sure your belongings arrive intact. You also need helping hands to ensure you don’t strain your back or suffer other injuries. Call a professional removalist so you can start your relocation to Queensland in the best possible way-by feeling refreshed rather than exhausted.

And if you’d like more advice on making your move as stress-free as possible, read our other blog posts.

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