4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Switch to a Bigger Office

You’ve run your business efficiently for several years now. You have regular clientele and new referrals every week. Your employees know where you stand on office policies, and you look forward to expanding your company in the years to come.

But what if the time to expand has already arrived?

Though you might not realise it, your office may be overdue for an upgrade. If you notice the following signs, you likely need a bigger building to accommodate your booming success.

1. More Accidents Around the Workplace

Desk sharing and converted conference rooms might allow you to squeeze a few more employees in your building.

However, when your staff work elbow to elbow, they might not have a lot of room to feel comfortable. And as your office gradually fills beyond capacity, your team might struggle to avoid one another, dodge equipment and stay out of harm’s way. As a result, you may see a few more trips, bumps and bruises in your tiny space.

Keep in mind that workplace safety laws demand that no office should be so overcrowded that the health and safety of the employees are put at risk. Workstations need enough room to prevent awkward postures and movements. And if shelving and storage block emergency exits, you need to pack up and move to a safer building.

2. Clients Comment on How ‘Cosy’ Your Office Feels

Your business likely depends on repeat customers. So when your clients come to your office, you want to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible. To create a positive, relaxing experience, you may carefully decorate your lobby or reception area with plush furniture and eye-catching art.

But when your clients have to climb around tables and past shipping boxes to meet with you, they might form the wrong impression about your business. Your visitors may remark politely (or sarcastically) that your office feels ‘cosy’, ‘snug’ or ‘intimate’.

When you hear these comments about your business, you should know that your customers might feel anxious or apprehensive about working with you.

3. Your Orders Exceed Your Productivity

As more clients depend on you to provide reliable services, you may feel a sense of pride at the sheer number of orders that come through each day. You know that each of those orders represents hard-earned income for your business and subsequently for you and your employees.

But when requests come in faster than you can fulfil, you need to take a few moments to rethink your production and storage process. You may need a bigger warehouse to accommodate extra products, or you may need extra employees to keep up with customer demands. In either case, you’ll likely need to move to a newer space to give your business room to grow.

4. You Pay Extra for Off-Site Storage Space

For tax purposes (as well as your own peace of mind), you carefully file copies of important documents, receipts and invoices. Every order that comes by your desk and every contract you sign ends up in one of your filing cabinets.

But with each passing year, your filing cabinets grow a little fuller. And to give your employees a little more breathing room, you rent a storage unit specifically to hold your ever-growing documentation.

Why not put that same cash toward your new office? The extra $100 a month that you already spent on storage lockers and units can translate easily into rent for a larger, more comfortable office with plenty of room for your cabinets.

Don’t Be Afraid to Move

Although your business may have enjoyed plenty of success in your current building, you’ll see a lot more benefits if you take the time to upgrade. Call a professional removalist to help you and your employees seamlessly move to a newer, bigger office.

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