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Gormans Removals are your residential and commercial removal specialists, in Rockhampton and Brisbane.

Moving home? Rest assured our team with almost 60 years in the furniture removal industry will take the utmost of care with your possessions. Whether you’re moving across town, across the country or overseas, Gormans Removals can help with your move, no matter where you’re going.

Moving office or needing commercial equipment moved? Our experienced team and custom-made equipment will ensure minimal downtime for you and your staff.


Move yourself: The stages of grief

  • Recruit mates
  • Calculate slabs required to pay mates.
  • Borrow a ute or two
  • Pack everything
  • Why aren’t my mates here yet?
  • Carry the fridge down the stairs. Don’t crush Uncle Frank.
  • Is Bob looking through our boxes?
  • Tetris the couch through all those doors. How did it get it in here in the first place?
  • Wow, that treadmill weighs a tonne…
  • How do we move that glass table without breaking it?
  • We have to drive how far? How many times?
  • I wonder how much a divorce lawyer costs?
  • Oh wow I didn’t realise our new driveway was so steep.
  • This new house has really narrow doors…
  • Unpack everything

Move yourself - The stages of grief

Move with Gormans

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Move with Gormans

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